Everything You Need to Know Before Trying Laser Hair Removal

Shaving, plucking, waxing ... all of these take time, but for people who prefer to have smooth, hairless skin, they may seem like the only options available. If you're willing to shell out a little extra cash, however, you could opt instead for a more permanent result: laser hair removal. This high-tech method uses light to actually destroy the follicle, leaving you with fuzz-free skin.


1. Laser hair removal isn't as complicated as it sounds.

2. There are three main types of lasers.

3. Laser hair removal works best on four areas.

4. People with thick, coarse, and dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal.

5. You need to stop using specific medications.

6. You'll see real results after about 6 to 8 treatments.

7. You need to attend every session.

8. It shouldn't be painful.

9. Don't worry if you're on your period.

10. There's one thing you need to do before your appointment: shave.

11. You need to apply SPF to the affected area after your treatment.